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Pars Geometry Probing (PGP) is a private company based in Iran. PGP offers a complete geotechnical investigation service to consulting engineers, contractors, private developers, and client bodies. 

PGP conduct geotechnical site investigations used to determine ground conditions, underlying geology and hydrology.  We employ a wide range of drilling, soil sampling, and in-situ programs to provide data for engineering and design. This data can then be used to determine the type and use of preventative measures to mitigate possible settlement, soil movement, or the presence of groundwater that may adversely impact structures.

At  PGP, we believe that an effective geotechnical study is an integral component of any civil engineering project. The geotechnical investigation program should include an understanding of the lithological,  structural and hydrogeological aspects, enabling the soil and rock mass to be characterized. Representative geotechnical design parameters for the engineering design can then be allocated.

 PGP understands that geotechnical testing requires us to meet standards and perform our tasks with accuracy. The method and precision of obtaining data will influence decisions on future recommendations for use of a particular site. That is why PGP utilizes state-of-the art equipment and instruments to collect geotechnical data. Over the years PGP’s key personels  have also aided in the design of specialty equipment, probes, and samplers to obtain data pertinent to geotechnical investigations.